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@maxoid, a software developer


This is my website - the place where I share information and knowledge about topics that interest me with everyone and myself.

I have been working as a developer for several years. Most of the projects are related to web technologies, including UI (front end) side and server side.

I work on the project that build on these following stack: TypeScript, React, Node, JestJS, RxJS and other great technologies.

I’m fun of static type checkers and languages, especially TypeScript. Also, I’m interesting in writing tests, using code generators and some cool command-line tools.

Besides programming stuff, I like writing itself, reading weird articles, mechanical keyboards, keeping all information that I used somehow in life and taking notes - I do note-taking using Zettelkasten method.

I find the way of learn in public is quite useful so here is my Digital Garden.

If you wanna just chat with me - feel free to email me at me@maxoid.io.

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