Evergreen notes

  • Evergreen notes is a term that was invented by Andy Matuschak
  • Evergreen notes are notes that have actual information.
  • They have been built not for short-term using. These notes can and should be used in long-term.
  • Here is how I understand it:
    • They are called evergreen because they are like leaves that get watered.
    • The more you put new or update current information in there than more they are green.
  • Criteria:
    • Clear, understandable, compact (not short and not long) title of the note
    • Note should consist of your words. You have to write the note by your hands, thoughts and words.
    • You should linked the note with other note/s
    • Note should be dynamic, not static. The note “lives” and saturates the information.

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