Unit tests

  • Unit tests are tests of modularity
  • They test specific part/piece of the system (called module) independently from other modules of the system
  • For example, test of module (component in Front End) that shows red error text:
    • module has input data (error status - existing or not)
    • output data" is
      • null (if error does not exist)
      • red text (if error exists)
    • unit test should check that module/component returns specific output data based on input data
    • in the system this module get input data (error status) from other module
      • we don’t care about that because unit test checks module independently from other modules
    • for checking interaction between several modules we should use Integration tests
  • Unit tests are documenting behavior of specific module

What is unit?

  • Basically, it’s module
    • In languages like JavaScript modules are mostly files
      • But if file contains few classes then
        • classes are modules
        • file isn’t module
  • An example in React development
    • React app consists of components
    • Each component could contain:
      • state
      • methods (in class component) or functions (in functional component)
    • It doesn’t make sense to test each function/method of the component because:
      • a function/method doesn’t make sense outside of the component
      • a function/method most likely updates component’s state
    • A unit here is the component itself
  • Unit is a stateless function
    • It could be classic helper function

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